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A Statement regarding Golf Competitions

Updated 16th March 2018

Cottrell Park Golf Resort, (The Resort), is owned and operated by Cottrell Park Ltd, (a family owned business).  The Resort opened in 1996 and has two 18 holes golf courses, as well as other leisure facilities which are accessible to Members, Guests and Visitors of any gender, sexual orientation, colour or creed.  At the Wales Golf Annual Awards, The Resort was voted 2015 Golf Club of the Year and is the first and only commercially operated golfing facility to have received the award.

The Members of The Resort have formed a Club called Cottrell Park Members Association, (CPMA), which in turn formed committees to represent the Ladies Section and Men’s Section, being the way in which a traditional golf club is structured.   Golf, like many other sports, has traditionally held separate competitions for each gender, consequently each Section arranges their own competitions applying their own rules, (for example Ladies use different Tee Boxes to Men).

Presently CPMA’s Ladies Section do not allow Men to enter their competitions and CPMA’s Men’s Section do not allow Ladies to enter their competitions, however there are Mixed competitions where the genders can compete against one another under a different set of rules.  CPMA competitions are held so that both genders can play competitions on the weekdays and the weekends.  Nonetheless, Members who do not want to play, (or who are precluded from playing), in a CPMA competition, can still play golf on whichever golf course the competition is not being played.

Although there are (i) CPMA Ladies competitions on most Saturdays, (ii) CPMA Mixed competitions on some weekends and (iii) a concession given by CPMA in 1998, (or thereabouts), that allows Lady Members to play competitive golf on the same course and at the same time as the Men’s Saturday competition, a Lady Member proposed a motion at CPMA’s 2018 AGM, that Lady Members be allowed to compete in Men’s Saturday competitions.  Seventeen Ladies and forty Men attended the AGM and thirty voted in favour of the motion whilst thirty-one voted against it, (there were two abstentions).  Although, the motion was not passed, it may be re-proposed at the next CPMA AGM.

Derek Smith, General Manager of The Resort, said “Competitions are arranged by the Members for the Members under the R&A Rules of Golf and CONGU.  Traditionally CPMA Ladies and Men’s Sections have decided to hold their golf competitions separately and unfortunately there are currently not enough Lady Members who want to play competitive golf on a Saturday morning which led to a Lady Member making various proposals to CPMA, one of which was voted upon at their 2018 AGM.  I am sure, given time, the way in which CPMA arranges competitions will democratically evolve to the benefit of all Members.  Both genders have the same membership rights and The Resort would certainly welcome many more Lady Members.”

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