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Everything You Need to Improve Your Game

One of the best things about golf is that there’s always room for improvement. Whether you’ve been playing all your life or have just taken your first swing, you can always find ways to lower your handicap and get more from your game. What’s more, as golf doesn’t rely on speed or stamina, there’s no age-limit to improvement, allowing you to continue your upward trajectory until you hang up your clubs for good.

To help give you the motivation you need to get out on the course and boost your golfing performance, we’re taking a look at some of the main ways you can improve your game.  



As with most things in life, improving your handicap comes down to practice. The more you get out on the course, the more likely you’ll be to perfect your swing and get your technique just right. If you really want to improve your game, become a member of Cottrell Park. This will give you access to our beautiful course and our golf simulators. After a few months of regular rounds, you’ll find that your game begins to improve and your handicap will begin to tumble.


Professional equipment

Although equipment isn’t everything, you’ll find that having professional-standard clubs and accessories will make a difference to your game. The grip of your clubs can make a surprising improvement on your swing, which is why we offer a re-gripping service. Golf shoes are another essential part of your golfing get-up. says “Golf shoes are specifically designed to give players stability, balance and flexibility during the unique motion of a golf swing.” You’ll find a specially selected range of golf shoes in our shop and we’re on hand to talk you through your options too.  



Nothing quite beats professional advice when it comes to improving your game. A pro will instantly be able to see the minor and major errors you’re making on the course. They’ll be able to give you help and advice on how to correct these errors and will give you the support you need to achieve the handicap you’ve always wanted. All too often, it’s small details that hold players back, so make sure your posture, grip and swing are just right with regular professional tutelage.


If you’re interested in joining our club, investing in professional equipment or take advantage of the high quality lessons we offer, get in touch with a member of our team or take a look around our site today.

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