Cottrell Park Golf Resort

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Pilates Lessons

Pilates LogoHi! My name is Kath Sweeney and I'm really excited to teach Pilates at Cottrell Park Golf Resort. I'm going to let you know a little about me, so here goes…

I was introduced to Pilates back in 2000, whilst studying for my Degree in Drama Theatre Studies and Psychology in Liverpool University. I was intrigued by the Dramatist Meyerhold and his biomechanics, he used Pilates to train his actors, he expected all of his actors to have complete control over their bodies, to move with precision and control in sets with huge physical challenges. 

I first began teaching Pilates in Greece back in 2003. I was working as an animator and fitness instructor in Hotels in the beautiful Island of Corfu, along with Pilates I also taught Aqua Aerobics and aerobics. Within the beautiful picturesque surroundings I began to truly understand the connection between the mind and the body needed to complete the Pilates exercises correctly. This was a truly wonderful place to teach and was invaluable in gaining experience teaching a huge variety of abilities. 

I'm a fully qualified Level 3 Pilates Instructor and I am very passionate about my work and really enjoy working with the huge variety of people I teach.  

My work with golfers began in September 2014, I soon realised Pilates and Golf have many fundamental similarities, one being when done correctly both are much harder than they look!Pilates Course of Lessons

Golf has a huge focus on core strength, and movements from the centre. In Pilates for every move we focus on engaging the muscles of the core (transverse abdominals  inner muscles of the tummy), multifidus (muscles surrounding the spine) and pelvic floor muscles; thus increasing core strength and connecting the movement to our breath. We also work on improving balance, posture, spinal mobility, posture, strengthening the back and increasing range of motion all of which are invaluable to golfers.

Well since starting teaching golfers initially in Saint Athan golf club, and now at Brynhill and Glamorganshire Golf club, I'm extremely happy to report that my students have noticed many improvements on and off the golf course. On the greens the majority have noticed lower scores, some have improved handicaps and won games for the first time in years. I've had many report back that they feel more flexible, they can recover quicker, their back pain has gone or improved and they are much more consistent in their game now. 

Pilates can improve a players swing not only by increasing core strength which increases club head speed. We also work on spinal, hip and shoulder mobility. If you have issues with your swing there are exercises to counteract these and create body awareness. In my Pilates class for golfers one key area I focus on is opening the side body and increasing spinal rotation (particularly thoracic spinal rotation) this is extremely beneficial. 

Pilates is a low impact exercise programme and one focus is to improve our posture and making clients more posturally aware. 

Incorrect stance and faulty posture greatly effect the success of the entire swing” (Hogan 1985)

Changes to Posture do not happen overnight but becoming aware and strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight ones can set you on the road to a whole new game and improvements to your posture for life!! 

Pilates for Golf 5 Week Course - Join our 5 Week Course for £20!Pilates Course of Lesssons

Course 1 – Building a Stronger Core – Starts on 9th May (9th, 16th, 23rd May & 6th, 13th June)

Course 2 – Improving Flexibility, Balance and Mobility – Starts on 4th July (4th, 11th, 18th & 25th July, 1st August)

Course 3 – Pilates to Improve Back Strength and Body Mechanics – Starts on 5th September (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th & 3rd October)

Please contact Kath directly to book onto these courses. Tel: 07738 957638.