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What You Want from Your Wedding Venue

Selecting a venue for your wedding is a big decision. The backdrop to the most important day of your life, your chosen venue will have a big impact on how your wedding looks and how the event flows. Putting some serious time and thought into getting the decision right is therefore essential. The more consideration you put into selecting your venue, the more likely you are to find the perfect place.

To help ensure you find the right location for your needs, we’ve made a list of the main things you want from a wedding venue.

Friendly staff

Having friendly, helpful staff available to lend a hand on your big day will make a huge difference to the smooth running of your wedding. Things can go wrong in even the best-planned weddings and having staff who will do their best to put things right will help to keep the day on track.

When you visit your prospective wedding venue, make sure you take note of how friendly and helpful the staff are. Find out how many staff will be available to help you during the wedding and who will be in charge on the day.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is very important when planning a wedding. Attention to detail can help to ensure that everything looks just right on the day and that no important elements of the wedding are overlooked. When you take a tour of your chosen venue, you should be able to get a rough idea about how perceptive and attentive the members of staff are. It’s also well worth asking questions about how they plan weddings, how they execute all tasks on the day and how organised their events team is.

Great views

More photos will be taken of you on your wedding day than on pretty much any other day of your life. Ideally, you want the backdrop of these photos to be attractive and eye-catching, so a venue with great views is a must. Most people prefer countryside views for their wedding day. Gently rolling hills, bright green trees and wide blue skies will all add character and beauty to your photos. Select a venue that’s in the countryside or that has countryside views to guarantee great wedding photos.


Whether you have 30, 100 or 1000 guests on the day, you want your venue to look and feel fantastic. Select a venue with a versatile layout and the staff should be able to arrange the space in a way that suits you perfectly. This can also make it a lot easier to transition from the ceremony to the meal and the meal to the party, something that will help to make your wedding day seamless.

Choosing a picturesque, good quality wedding venue with friendly and reliable staff will help your day go with a swing. To find out more about planning the perfect wedding, or to learn about the wedding services we offer, take a look around our site or get in touch with a member of our team.


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